Our Strategy is Simple - to Make Your Work, Work!

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End-to-End Solutions

Making Your Work, Work

At Decocorp, our strategy is simple: To make your work, work. We do this by providing end-to-end solutions that keeps your business operations at the forefront of everything we do.

We adopt a holistic approach with our strategy, taking our clients through a streamlined process that starts with a discovery process and ends with your business up and running in your new workspace. Our goal is to minimise the down-time experienced by your business and maximise the functionality of your new workspace.

Sydney’s Leading

Commercial Fit-Out Company

Whether it’s a new office or an expanding office, an educational facility or a retail space, a medical centre or a laboratory. We are a highly experienced commercial fit out company and we are committed to offering you the absolute best and complete solution for your business.

Delivering Advanced Workplaces

Creating spaces that are inviting, practical and productive.

Promoting Productivity

Increasing performance and functionality in your new workspace.

Boosting Business Activity

Building places where staff are thrilled to work from, and clients are excited to visit.

Conversations to...


Strategy begins with conversations. Conversations with all stakeholders to determine the ultimate goal and get a firm understanding of your business operating needs. This way, we can discover all the intricacies and details that make up your business so we can formulate a strategy going forward as we plan your expansion into a new workspace.

Guidance to...


Taking your ideas and combining our expert guidance, we will continue to strategise and refine a design and transition plan to move your business into a new workspace, as seamlessly and stress-free as possible. Preparation in the early stages will result in minimum disruption and downtime down the track.

Experience to...


Our experienced workplace strategists will work directly with you to make a detailed plan focusing on your new space design and the process for your project going forward. The strategy for your project is underpinned by your business objectives. The design, timeline, budget, and process are all evolved from this point forward.

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