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Decocorp is the trusted name in Laboratory and Medical fitouts in Sydney. Offering end-to-end business solutions, we are experienced in creating functional and practical healthcare facilities that are welcoming to patients and functional for staff.

From medical centres to pharmacies and Labs, Decocorp considers all aspects of the project to deliver well designed and constructed solutions that meet all regulatory requirements. We are able to guide medical projects from concept to completion ensuring the delivery of beautifully designed and thought out spaces.

Custom Solutions for Sterile Environments

We provide our clients with peace of mind by engaging in turnkey project delivery – from early stage planning, compliance and feasibility studies; to design, construction, and project management. We can assist with accreditation through regulatory bodies including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA).

We use a wide range of up to date construction materials that have been tested and are suitable for both medical and sterile environments, meeting the latest laboratory and healthcare construction standards.

Company Strengths at a Glance

We're experts in healthcare projects

Decocorp offers end to end, cost effective solutions for laboratory and medical fitouts, producing sterile, accredited and compliant spaces. We manage and oversee the entire process, which means you don’t have to consult with multiple different service providers.



Creating customised strategies for your medical and laboratory project

Expert Guidance

Overseeing compliance and regulatory requirements

Transparent Processes

You know what is happening and when. At all times

No Surprises Policy

Giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process


Smart and Sustainable Facilities

Partnering with Global Leaders to Deliver Optimal Results

Decocorp partners with global leaders to deliver optimal results for our clients. We seek out new and innovative building methods that make medical facilities more efficient and more sustainable, reducing energy demands.

Our products and materials are suitable for medical cleanrooms, laboratories and research facilities. Materials that have been carefully selected to be both cost effective while meeting, and even exceeding laboratory and healthcare standards.

Bespoke Design

Let us Show You How Great Your Medical Facility can be

We are passionate about great design and well-constructed spaces. We understand the complexities and compliance requirements that come with healthcare and laboratory facilities. Let us inject our knowledge and experience into your healthcare project to create simple yet highly effective environments that promote optimal operational activity.

Compliance Driven

Decocorp is adept at managing compliance-driven projects. From early-stage planning, compliance and feasibility studies, to design, construction and relocation, we keep compliance at the forefront and work with you to meet all necessary regulations and standards. These include:

Any Size, any Specialty

Decocorp are specialists in the medical and healthcare construction space. We are equipped to handle any sized project across any speciality. From cold rooms to clean rooms, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. Our company is experienced in the design and fitout of:

Decocorp is ready to turn any space into the custom-made healthcare space of your dreams.

Whether you are a new healthcare business looking to turn any empty space into an inviting medical office or are just in need of some straightforward healthcare refurbishments, Decocorp is here to help.

Help your staff and patients alike feel comfortable and safe in your clean and modern medical facility, created with state-of-the-art workflow designs that make a difference.

The best quality healthcare fitouts in Sydney

Why hire multiple contractors when you can get a quality healthcare fitout from a single source?

Capable of transforming an empty or partially designed space into tailor-made healthcare facilities, Decocorp healthcare fitouts are an easy way to bolster your company’s unique commercial design. With step-by-step support throughout the entire process, our team will help your business progress from early-stage planning to complete space reconstruction based on your company’s unique company branding and strategy.

Working closely with the necessary regulatory boards of Australia such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA), you can rest assured that your new space will meet all of the requirements set by leaders in the medical sector. Benefit from the experience of our expert team as you create a custom space designed for your unique services.

Customisable healthcare refurbishments and fitouts

Want to create a workspace that is both safe and inviting for your staff and patients? Capable of creating a seamless workflow in any space, our team of dedicated workers are some of the best commercial builders in Sydney. With expert guides overseeing every aspect of planning, construction and design, we are confident that we can turn any space into a custom workspace perfect for your healthcare business.

As a leading provider of custom-built healthcare and medical fitouts in Sydney, our team at Decocorp is ready to help your business thrive with customised workspaces that perfectly fit your unique needs. Interested in learning more about our custom healthcare fitout services? Please feel free to contact us through our online contact form. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and to discover how we can help you.


Decocorp has the experience and expertise to turn any space into a bespoke healthcare facility perfect for your staff and patients. With end-to-end solutions and excellent customer service, there is no better way to custom build your dream workplace.

Custom-build the perfect healthcare space for your business

At Decocorp, we are proud to be a trusted name in healthcare fit-outs in Sydney. With a dedicated team ready to help our clients transform any space into a world-class healthcare facility, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions specific to your unique needs.

Our dedicated design and construction team are ready to help guide your healthcare fit-out from early planning to completion, all while maintaining every regulatory and safety requirement. From medical clinics to comprehensive healthcare facilities, our team at Decocorp wants to help create a space that is functional and comfortable for your staff and patients.

Healthcare fit-outs created with your unique services in mind

Whether you are in need of private and confidential patient exam rooms or are looking to build a space capable of storing large medical equipment, our team has got you covered. Starting with the planning process, our team of specialised healthcare designers will meet with you to discuss your vision for your healthcare fit-out. Able to offer support, guidance, and helpful recommendations, our design team will coach you through each part of our process so you always feel in the loop.

Our strict no surprises policy helps to ensure that you are never caught off guard with any unexpected costs or delays. Working closely with you, we strive to maintain completely transparent processes for every stage of your healthcare refurbishment.

Offer your patients the best possible experience with a custom healthcare fit-out

As healthcare providers, ensuring that your patients receive the highest quality of care is always at the top of your priority list. Let us help you make your customers feel safe and comfortable with a healthcare fit-out designed specifically to maximise workflow, ergonomics, and safety.

Capable of turning any space into a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, the Decocorp design, building, and relocation team is with you every step of the way.


What is a healthcare fit-out?

A healthcare fit-out is a custom end-to-end solution for medical providers looking to create or revamp their current workspace. Capable of turning an empty or preoccupied space into a custom healthcare facility specifically designed for your medical business, our team at Decocorp is committed to helping our clients get the best results from their custom healthcare fit-out.

Whether you are in need of spacious and functional medical offices or want to create private and confidential examination rooms for patient care, our design team is able to turn your dreams into a reality. Capable of creating intuitive workflow designs that maximise storage space and efficiency, there is no better way to transform any space into a world-class healthcare facility.

For more information about our healthcare fit-out services or to learn more about our unique processes, please feel free to contact us online by using our customer inquiry form.

How are healthcare fit-outs different from medical fit-outs?

Both relevant to the medical industry, Decocorp is proud to be a trusted name in medical and healthcare fit-outs in Sydney.

Our healthcare fit-out services are primarily focused on creating spaces designed for providing high-quality patient care. A great option for dental offices, primary care physicians, and medical specialists, a healthcare fit-out can help to turn any space into a comfortable and inviting healthcare facility.

Alternatively, our medical clinic fit-out options offer additional support for laboratory and clinical medical services. Great for designing a space around large and difficult to store medical equipment, a medical fit-out can help to increase worker efficiency and safety with enhanced workflow designs.

What processes are involved in a healthcare refurbishment?

Always committed to putting our customers first, Decocorp has dedicated teams ready to work with you every step of the way through your custom fit-out. For most healthcare fit-outs, our process is centred around three primary stages:

  • Design your space — During this stage, you will meet with our design team to discuss your visions and preferences for the space. They will work with you to explain any regulatory requirements, safety concerns, and possible enhanced workflow and efficiency designs that we think will best fit your needs.
  • Build your space — Once the design is set, our team of expert builders will get to work turning your plan into a reality. We will keep you updated throughout this process, so you are always in the loop regarding our progress.
  • Relocate into your space — After the space has been transformed, let us help you move in! Able to move all of your equipment and furniture into your new office, we want to make you feel right at home in your brand new custom healthcare facility.

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